Grab nature by the panties, and harvest over and over and over.

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Embrace Archery's Hottest Technology!

Stop the 400 years of being stale.

"Vibration Dampeners", A TRUE GIMMICK.

The Archery Industry have already evolved beyond that, but there is no real solution for increasing the chances of your kill. Until now!

The only bow silencer in the world that can prove benefits, instead of claiming partial gains at a pathetic margin.

Make your bow sound like a doe

The Deceiver

The Deceiver device makes a deer bleat sound automatically as the bow is fired, the bleat starts just before the string hits vibration point and ends after the arrow impact sounds. A total shot silencer.

Now you are calling with traveling motion as your variety of game expires.

Stop and think about that !!!!  

Finally silencing the shot,  and calling with motion,  as you harvest.

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