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About "The Deceiver"

The "Deceiver" prototype was hand built and used in the field by Ed in 2002. The Deceiver was built with the intent of sound masking the bow, but the first unit was too slow and sound masked the arrow impact only. Yielding greater benefits than bow silencing. It was mechanically built, too slow, but still had greater results than any bow silencer ever could. After discovering such tremendous results, Ed realized that arrow impact silencing has much more value than bow silencing for the hunter.

Another prototype was built electronically using an accelerometer from a kid's toy. It was more efficient, not as heavy on the bow, and even more effective than the first prototype.

The next prototype was designed by professional engineers. Over the years, several more prototypes were engineered with the desire to perfect The Deceiver.

Ed has invested lots of time and finances to make your bow hunting success even greater. Now with The Deceiver, you can silence your entire shot, and attract other game as your first kill expires. There is no better attractant.

The Deceiver is patented in its own sub class. An original invention!


Edward Flanagan

The Inventor of “The Deceiver” and Owner of Slice A Life Archery

Edward Flanagan from the great state of Michigan, has been bow hunting for 40 years. Ed has decades of bow hunting experience from carp shooting, small game hunting, and taking down 55 Antler Bucks in the high pressure state of Michigan. Through years of trial and error and the ambition to solve problems in the Archery Industry, Ed has developed some of the most effective systems for hunting. Which are still unseen today.